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Have you ever yearned to read and understand the Quran but found it difficult and challenging to learn? Here, we introduce you to the Best Apps to Learn the Quran Online at Home. The apps are simple, powerful, and interactive to meet all your learning needs. You can download the app that best matches your search and suits you. Whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced learner, these Quran apps best suit your Quran learning needs. This blog will give you some widely downloaded Quranic Apps for your learning ability.

7 Best Apps to Learn Quran Online at Home

Let’s get to go through scrolling down the apps. 

1. My Quran App 

The app has engaging activities to boost your reading, reciting, and understanding. It’s time to give your understanding of the Quran a total body workout and develop your chronic. Download the app and start your journey of reading and understanding today. Now available on iOS and Android. If you’re avidly keen to learn the Quran and looking for some great apps, this is one of the best Quran learning apps for your phone. It also elevates our voice through online media. In this app, you can bookmark the part of the Quran you have just read.  

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2.  Quran Companion 

If you are new to learning the Quran or getting intensive hifz course, this Quran will help you explore the in-depth knowledge of the Quran Tajweed. The helpful user interface has buttons to get reminders of pariahs and surahs. It helps support your reading fluency with core features. Let’s discuss features you can get on your phone with the app. Zoom in and out are far-sighted and nearsighted. The translation option is another benefit to learning the meaning of the Quran’s ayahs.  

3. Athan App 

The app is a big must if you are a Muslim convert and need help learning how to Quran and pray. The prayer that Muslims offer five times a day is called Salat. A Quran learning option is available in this app. Moreover, this app explains every prayer required as a Muslim and even the extra prayers such as Salat Istakhara and Salat al-Jannaza. To keep track of prayer times, a highly suggested app is called Athan. It also has a monthly schedule you can look at, making it great for planning during Ramadan. It even connects to the Apple Watch. 

4. iQuran 

For those who want something even more straightforward, there’s the iQuran app that many of my friends love. It connects to your Apple Watch, so you get Ayahs and prayer times ever again. The app is excellent and compatible with all Android and iOS devices, and it’s also very visually appealing. 

5. Al-Quran Kareem 

We also recommend Al-Quran Kareem and its pro version for a digital Quran. It has many translations and features like bookmarking passages. It’s beneficial when trying to complete the Quran during Ramadan. It also has additional features of Halal Lifestyle guides if you eat halal and want to find halal restaurants or order during Ramadan.  

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6. Quran Majeed  

 What makes Quran Majeed different from the rest is its several additional features. These include looking up prayer times, Qibla Compass, a halal restaurant locator, a local Masjid finder, and live streams from Mecca and Medina. It fascinates with the additional features of the Quran Majeed app, which allows you to customize your Quran reading and listening experience. You have access to over 50 different Quran-language translations, and you can choose from over 25 reciters. 

7. Ayat-ul-Quran 

This app is also one of the most excellent Quran apps ever. You can choose your Arabic font and play with the size and color to create your ideal Quran learning experience. What’s lovely about this is that if you need help, see. If you’re new to the Quran, you’re new to reading Arabic. You can completely adjust the size to your liking so that you can get close and perfect your reading, and overall, it creates this one-stop location for you to access all of your daily Islamic needs.  

What to Look Additional in Quran Apps? 

Some Quran learning apps also feature lessons conveyed to us. Follow some advice and commands for ethics and morality that the Quran Apps should provide. 

Relaxation and Meditation 

The apps render the Sabr, meaning “patience” in English, fantastic for relaxation. The apps should offer meditation sessions, daily gratitude practices, and beautiful vocals. It’s geared towards Muslims and can help you relax. 


To learn duas, Daily Duas is an excellent feature that the app must provide. The Duas should be offered in translations in multiple languages. These teach you how to pronounce them correctly. It also includes extra features like the Quran, prayer times, and the 99 names of Allah. 

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Halal Food Guide 

Lastly, for verifying halal products, the apps offer Halal Food Guide. The apps should also separately tell what foods are Halal or Haram in Islam. 

Warning: Some Quran Apps are developed by some miscreants and Ahmadis who are declared non-Muslims by Islamic Scholars due to transgressive practices and beliefs, so we urge you not to install such Quran apps. Take a look at reviews before you download and start reading the Quran from the app. 

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