Top 8 Best Quran Learning Apps

Quran Learning Apps

The mobile phone has brought a revolution in our lives. Internet with a smartphone is one thing that eases life for the masses. The Quran is the best companion that leads to prosperity and blessings in this worldly life and the hereafter. Quran study apps are the sole benefit of educating yourself with Islamic teachings. Here we bring you the Top 8 best Quran Learning Apps. If you have been using the same apps to support your Deen for years without trying something new and  different we’ve asked around to introduce with a list of useful apps that will make your mobile experience more rewarding and helpful while improving your belief.

Top 8 Best Quran Learning Apps

We suggest starting these to get you going in the sense of the Quranic session. The is an all-roll-around reader with features such as rules Trans, relations and citations in a balanced package that provides a good overall experience to learn quran online at home.

1.   Bayan ul Quran

The Bayan ul Quran app is designed by renowned artists, making it one of the most beautiful apps on your phone. The application comes with unique features such as word-by-word grammar translations, a phonics player, and recitations. Qur’an English is a reader that keeps things simple with word-by-word translations, automatic scrolling recitations, and transliterations. Thanks for making it a good first choice for beginners who want to excel in the Quran.

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2.   Quran Central

The Quran Central is an app developed by Muslim Central for the reading of all beginners and advanced-level explorers. Amazingly, this app allows you to access a huge repository of Quran recitations and is currently hosting over 270 recipients from all over the world. Though, Quran Central is a strive of Muslim Central. So, it is a remarkable app catering to believers and non-Muslim enthusiasts in knowing the sense of the Quran. This app opens the doors to an extensive repository of Quranic recitations. Likewise, it boasts a collection of over a dozen reciters hailing from various corners of the globe.

3.   Ayat ul Quran

The ayat al-quran is a go-to choice for many as it provides a reading experience similar to a physical mushaf with identical page layouts, translations, tafsir, and recitations. It is also the most verified source as it was developed by the King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. Some apps specialize in the interpretation of the Quran and our mobile world for the deep understanding which it contains unlock it with this kind of app.

4.   Quran Hive

The Quran Hive is an online platform that provides word-by-word translations and recitations, a wide choice of tafsirs (Exegesis) available for each ayat, and Arabic grammar breakdowns. Such a nitty-gritty detail makes this a perfect Quran study companion.

5.   Tafhim ul Quran

The Tafhim ul Quran in English is one of the tafsirs that is elaborate and easily understood, gathered in one place as a dedicated app that might come in handy. We also recommend tafsir ibn Kathir.

6.   Al-Bukhri

Al-Bukhari is an app that focuses on memorizing, reviewing, and listening to the Quran. You can concentrate on certain surahs or ayat and pause, repeat, and loop. With ease and convenience, it is an app that features various methods of memorizing the Quran, such as creating profiles as a progress indicator. You can also pause between recited verses and looping. This is a great app for first-time learners. Quran tutor uses cutting-edge speech recognition technology for Arabic to judge your recitation and pronunciation when reciting the Quran. It’s like having a teacher right in your pocket.

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7.   Iman App

Iman is an app that will listen to a  recitation and tell you which surah or ayat it is perfect for when you might be too shy to ask someone or if no one else is around. We hope you will benefit from these apps on your phone. Our selection is extensive, and please share in the comments what app you’ve been using for your reading of the Quran.

8.   Islam 360

This is more than a Quran app featuring multiple tiers of Islamic education. Islam 360 depicts its name and engulfs the entire circle of Islamic teachings. Numerous Ulema (Islamic scholars) verdicts, Islamic book pdf, and other child education mediums exist. Whether you need to learn the Quran translation or the Exegesis, the app is a perfect place to explore the in-depth knowledge of Islam and the specific Fiqh.


Islamic and Quranic Apps require due diligence and careful attention to be explored. If you doubt, the Ayat or Context is tempered, please immediately uninstall such apps and consult with a verified scholar or online resources to install the right app. You must also report malicious Quran apps to Google Playstore or AppStore.

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