iPad Not Charging? Troubleshooting Common Charging Issues And Repair Solutions

Ipad Repair

In this digital era, a key problem is keeping your iPad charged up. With your iPad, you can stay connected with your work, whether traveling or at home. And you can do it on time. But what if you face the problem of the iPad not charging? Don’t stress,  we have simple steps that you can follow to troubleshoot common charging issues with your iPad.

First of all, if your iPad does not charge even when it is plugged in, make sure that the charging cable is correctly connected inside the port. The slow charging issue can be solved by charging your iPad with a new charger. If your iPad is overheating during charging, it is an alarming issue. But you can fix it by keeping it in a well-ventilated room and by avoiding using it while it’s on charge. 

Reliable iPad repair companies like Fix and Go NY INC have a team of certified repair technicians who know how to diagnose and fix iPad charging issues properly. They have specialized tools to do it effectively.

Common Charging Issues That Need iPad Repair Services 

Here, you can discover the common iPad charging issues that require repair services.

iPad Not Charging When Plugged In

If you’re facing problems while charging your iPad, before going towards professional repair services, you should make sure that the charger is correctly fixed inside the iPad charging port. 

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Over time, dust can accumulate inside your iPad charging port, so clean it with a toothpick or with a similar object of the same size. But, if these steps fail, you should seek a professional iPad repair expert to resolve this problem.

iPad Charging But Not Holding A Charge

This is one of the most common charging issues with iPads. To fix this issue, you should properly connect your iPad charger and check if any apps are running in the background. If yes, close all the background apps and try charging your iPad with a new charger.

Slow Charging

Slow charging is another common charging problem that is faced by iPad owners. To fix this issue, you should try to charge your iPad with a new manufacturer-approved charger. Avoid charging your iPad for long periods of time, as this can decrease the efficiency and lifespan of your battery. So, try charging your iPad with a fast charger. However, using it often is not advised, as excessive use of fast chargers can detroit battery life. That’s why you should hire a professional iPad repair technician to resolve this issue if all else fails.

Overheating During Charging

If your iPad is overheating during charging, this can be an alarming issue. Resolve the issue by keeping your iPad in a well-ventilated room for charging, avoiding charging your iPad directly exposed to sunlight, and not using your iPad while it’s on charge.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it is vital to be aware of these common iPad charging problems and their solutions to keep your iPad charged at all times. 

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For example, the issue of the iPad not charging when plugged in can be fixed by cleaning the charging port of your iPad. For slow charging issues, you can try changing your charger and avoid using your iPad while it’s on charge. Also, for overheating issues during charging, you need to ensure you keep your iPad in a well-ventilated room.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a reliable iPad repair company, we highly advise you to consider Fix and Go NY Inc.


Q1: Why won’t my iPad keep a charge?

A1: There are several reasons that can be a cause of your iPad not holding a charge if an app in background use might be the cause of less battery timing. Seeking assistance from an iPad repair expert is advised to ensure the durability and longevity of your iPad.

Q2: Is it possible to repair the iPad charging port? 

A2: Yes, it is possible to get the iPad charging port repaired. Before proceeding with repair, you should clean the charging port of your iPad and try charging it with a new charger. If the issue persists, you are advised to get repair services from iPad repair experts. 

Q3: How do I reset my iPad battery?

A3: Sometimes, performing a hard reset of your iPad can resolve battery timing and other minor issues. You can reset your iPad battery by pressing and holding the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

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